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Stay tuned in with what Charlie is currently working on. His paintings are forever progressing as he continues to explore different painting techniques fueled by new inspiration.
An inside look at Charlie Hanavich’s Miami studio as he ramps up for Dallas Art Week.
Watch Charlie as he prepares for SPECTRUM Miami Art Show at Art Basel.
This Time-Lapse video shows Charlie spray painting limited edition Holiday Stencils
Charlie displays his unique ‘grid’ painting style through this short time-lapse video.
Miami artist, Charlie Hanavich, pays tribute to Jimi Hendrix in this electrifying time-lapse video.
Watch Charlie as he brings a trout to life on canvas in his Miami art studio.
Watch Charlie spray paint Albert Einstein in this unique time-lapse video.
Charlie paints a baby and mother elephant as a commission for special client.
Watch the Atlanta, GA skyline come to life in this short time-lapse painting video.
Watch Charlie as he paints ‘Local32’ for his first Miami Art Show during Art Basel, Miami 2012.
Watch as Charlie takes you through his painting process with several different paintings.
This unique time-lapse video takes you through Charlie’s journey as he revisits an old painting.